MAT course alignment

YEAR I Courses and E-Folio Artifacts

EDU 6120 American Education: Philosophy of Education Paper; L4

EDU 6133 Diversity in America: Reflection Paper/Presentation; L3

EDU 6132 Students as Learners: Learning Theories Paper; L1

EDU 6989 Field Experience/Issues: School Culture Study; P1

EDU 6526 Survey of Instructional Strategies: Instructional Strategies Paper; T3

EDU 6613 Standards-based Assessment: EALR Assessment Analysis; T1

EDU 6130 Classroom Management: Classroom Management Plan; L2

EDTC 6xxx Educational Technology Elective: Technology Use Plan; T4

YEAR II Courses and E-Folio Artifacts

EDU 6135 General Methods or 6362 Methods: Showcase Lesson Plan; S2*

EDU 6530 Reading in the Content Areas: Showcase Lesson Plan; S1

EDU 6xxx Social Studies Methods: Showcase Lesson Plan, S3, T2

EDU 6949 Internship: Notebook Unit & Lesson Plans (3); S, T, L, P

EDU 6139 Leadership in Teaching: Professional Development Plan, P2, T2

EDU 6085 Moral Issues in Education: Moral Issues Paper; P3

Developmental e-folio posts must include a two to three sentence response considering the artifact’s role (why this knowledge would have a positive impact on student learning or behavior) and you personal reflection (how this work attests to your proficiency in the relevant approval standard/s listed below).

* Denotes artifact/assignment to be revised during EDU 6949 Internship for capstone e-folio posting


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