Student Teaching Week 3

This week was a good mix of observing and teaching. I had the U.S. history classes for Monday and Tuesday and spent the rest of the week working on our unit for next week on World War I. It’s funny how some days you can be completely prepared to give a lecture (PowerPoint up & running, worksheets copied, etc.) and yet somehow feel so mentally unprepared for the day! However, Monday actually felt really good. I forgot a few things (like asking for one section to turn in their homework.) I gave students an assignment this week that I thought they would actually enjoy, but a lot of them didn’t get it turned in. This was kind of disappointing, but I know that spring sports started this week AND the students are all pretty distracted due to a party that a bunch of them got in trouble for going to…(oh, the drama.)

Other than that, it’s been nice getting to know some of the students better and I’m looking forward to starting this unit next week. I’ve created the PowerPoint and assessments (with the exception of a DBQ that I found in a book.) Part of my plan is to ask the students at the end of next week to give me some feedback on how they felt about it all.


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