Digital Citizenship and Cheating

A wealth of information is literally available at the fingertips of students everywhere. With the development of technologies like smart phones, students have access to the internet all of the time-including classtime. While the availabilty of such a wealth of information can be a blessing, it is worth talking about in order to clarify what constritutes “digital cheating.” Now more than ever, students need to understand the ethical use of the internet, including where they get information and how they give credit for it. It is increasingly important for both students and parents to understand that the Internet can provide us with an amazing amount of information, but we as “digital citizens” need to understand how and when to use it, as well as how to give proper credit to references. Students need to understand that plagiarism is a very real and troublesome problem and how technology has both helped and hurt us in this way.

The attached document, Digital Citizenship and Cheating, defines and gives examples of digial cheating and plagiarism and suggests how to avoid such misuses of responsibility.


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Filed under T4: Informed by technology

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